Plant a Tree for MND & create a legacy for the one you love

25 Apr 2024

This is a beautiful way to create a legacy, planting a tree dedicated to the one you love is an act that will enhance the natural world for generations to come.


The IMNDA have partnered with Irish Tree to create this legacy of planting a tree for the one you love.


If you would like to get involved in this initiative, you can visit this link


You then choose your preferred species and Irish Trees will plant your tree at their lakeside woodland which is located in the Naul in Co Dublin.


Each tree arranged has an embedded donation of €40 which goes to support the work of IMNDA.


Once arranged, a tree planting certificate will be posted to your chosen delivery address along with a handwritten card, or blank card if being sent to yourself. Irish Tree can arrange visits to the site that your tree is being planted in.


Thanks to Irish Tree for this initiative and thank you for your support.