"My smile can speak volumes"

Mary Agnes Bonner

"Thankfully I still have a voice but my voice is starting to slur. You don't know what you have until it's gone!"

Andrew Tobin

"I feel the fizz is gone out of my bubbliness, I was a chatterbox everyone said it. I was called a bottle of champagne but now my voice is gone, that makes me sad, I would love to sing and now I can't"

Siobhan Hogan

"Being Non- verbal doesn't mean I have nothing to say. It means that you will need to Listen to me with more than your ears"

Valerie O'Carroll

"I know there are some that would pay GOOD MONEY to keep me quiet for even a while. So here's your chance, be a friend and help me to help others " 
 Michael Clancy

“Losing my Voice has been my greatest disappointment in regard to all the physical difficulties associated with the Motor Neuron Disease. The one positive is that I have become a good listener. One has to strive for positivity in this game! Please support the IMNDA. One love ??"
Andrew McNicholas

"Silence is golden, ...until it's mandatory"

Diarmuid Hickey

"I don’t like the affect MND has on my voice. It has changed so much that it sounds slow, sometimes slurred and so “Dumb” Then I think , at least I can make myself understood" 
 Aileen Healy


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