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Counselling Service

Finding ways to cope following the diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease can be incredibly difficult. It has a huge impact on the entire family and is a heavy weight to bear. Everyone processes the news differently and not everyone wants to talk about it.

But for those who do, it can be very useful to speak to a counsellor. The IMNDA provide funding for counselling sessions for registered clients and one family member.

“People don’t realise until it happens to them that it’s the whole family that gets the diagnosis, not just the person. We all had to learn to cope and adapt to our new normal. It was very stressful but having access to a counsellor, thanks to IMNDA funding, really helped.”


The IMNDA provides funding towards research on an annual basis. We fund scientific and medical research of the highest quality specific to MND. This research is conducted by Professor Orla Hardiman and her team in Trinity College.

Information Service

The IMNDA operates a Freephone Helpline number - 1800 403 403 and this number is in operation daily from 9am – 5pm. We also host a range of information booklets that can be found on our website 

“The IMNDA has helped us so much. We have had constant support when we need it and never feel alone.”

Please take part in our Voice4MND campaign this June and lose your voice so others can be heard.

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