Your Impact


Keeping people with MND in their own home, especially in times of crisis like this, is IMNDA’s main priority.

That’s why it’s absolutely vital that we can continue to fund essential life changing equipment. Equipment like power wheelchairs, communications aids, stair lifts, suction machines and specialised beds and air mattresses are things our community cannot live without.

In 2021, the IMNDA spent €693,000 on new pieces of equipment. Essential equipment our clients desperately need. We need to keep people with MND out of hospital and at home with their loved ones. Having the right equipment, at the right time is absolutely crucial.

Please take part in Walk While You Can this September and show your support for our MND families.

Your support is vital.

“I have just had a stair lift installed in my house and I am so thankful to you all. I know these do not come cheap and it was installed without any fuss whatsoever. While I was fine going upstairs, I was nervous coming down. A fall was inevitable. My sons find it very funny as they now say I am officially old”.